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A Dramatic Improvement In Health – My Story

A Dramatic Improvement in Health – my story

Is the ‘health’ part of the health, wealth and leisure blog now sorted?

Did you see my last post?  I really went straight into the health stuff.  And the size of the bottle pic!  To be honest I couldn’t get the picture to be the size I wanted – I’m still fathoming out all the bells and whistles on setting up a blog – but the bottle certainly has impact!

I said I was going to look at health, wealth and leisure time and you’ve probably twigged by now that I’m pretty impressed with what the product ASEA has done for my health and for countless others.  Let me tell you my story.

I started taking it about 7 months ago.  At the same time I needed to register with a doctor in my new area and part of the process was to have some basic tests done.  I’ve always had low end readings, even during pregnancy, so I was shocked that they were up.  Blood tests also revealed another shock reading.

My new doctor started muttering about statins but I wanted to see what ASEA would do for me, so I was given eight weeks before being tested again.  My doctors opinion was that as I am not overweight, take regular exercise and have been vegetarian for 20+ years –  the  lifestyle areas normally recommended for change to bring the readings down – it was unlikely anything I could do myself would make much of a change. The eight week retests showed all my readings to have dropped to well within normal limits.

When I rang up the surgery for the second set of results I was told my doctor had written ‘no further action’ on my notes so I sent a letter telling about the redox signaling molecules product that I had been taking.  A few evenings later my doctor actually rang me at home, thrilled with my results and excited about the product.  They were aware that research into these molecules is going on over the world, had been reading all about them in the medical journals, and knew that the new understanding represents a major shift in the science of how healing takes place in the cells.  What they didn’t know was that redox signaling molecules are now available in a stable, balanced form and it is possible to take them as a supplement.

Since taking ASEA my energy levels have increased dramatically, joint pains have gone as well as stiffness, my sleep quality is better, and generally I feel better than I have for years!  So many things are changing over the months, and some unexpected things too. My contact lenses are now completely comfortable, a longstanding back pain problem hasn’t recurred and regular extreme head pains are something of the past.  If I feel a bit headachy I take a shot of ASEA and then forget all about it.

I wouldn’t be without ASEA now.  There’s no way I’d run out of it!  My quality of life is so improved on every level.

Yup, I’m one happy bunny!


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