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The Simple Keys to Health and Wellbeing

‘All health problems can be linked to damaged cells’ Dr Gary Samuelson, Ph.D. Atomic Medical Physicist We live in a world where ‘new’ illnesses and diseases are continually being identified hand in hand with new drugs that are constantly being…

Are You Getting Enough Quality Sleep?

Sleep is important for a strong immune system, and a lack of quality sleep can have devastating effects on health. Did you know for example that it is not possible to ‘catch-up’ on sleep? That the adverse effects of a…

Keys to Understanding and Supporting the Immune System

The immune system is our first line of defence against illness and disease, detecting invading bacteria and viruses, and taking action to destroy them thereby preventing damage to the body. The immune system is alerted when there is damage to…

Natural Alternatives to Commercial Energy Drinks

Manufactured energy drinks are high in glucose or processed sugar and most contain caffeine. Caffeine tolerance varies between individuals, but for most people a dose of over 200-300mg may produce some initial symptoms: restlessness, increase heartbeat, insomnia, and higher dosages…

Improved Athletic Performance with Redox Signalling Molecule Supplement

Research findings from The Human Research Laboratory show an increase of 29% in performance using a Redox Signalling Molecule supplement The Laboratory, located at the Northern Carolina Research Campus and in conjunction with Appalachian State University, presented their findings at…

The True Price of Health, and Who Needs to Pay it?

Cheaper food over the last 60 years has meant not just an increase in disposable income but a decrease in the quality and nutritional value of food leading to sickness and obesity ‘We are what we eat’ has long been…

Can A Redox Signalling Supplement Help Me?

  All health problems can be linked to damaged cells. It follows, therefore, if you give the cells what they need they will heal themselves. What are Redox Signalling Molecules? These are molecules that are present in every living cell…

What if eating junk food isn’t your fault?

Are you aware food manufacturers spend a fortune on research to try to get you addicted to their offerings and so you crave, and buy, more?

There is a common belief that overweight and obese junk food eaters have brought it on themselves, that they only have themselves to blame for putting so much of it in their mouths.

This opinion can then spill over to those who are trying to have a healthy diet but then beat themselves up for slipping off the wagon, for not being strong enough to stick to a fresh food and healthy diet.  But maybe this is too harsh in the face of the concerted efforts being made by food manufacturers and their researchers to get us to eat their offerings.

A recent article [1] highlights how there is a conscious effort taking place in laboratories, marketing meetings and grocery-store aisles  to get people hooked on foods that are convenient and supposedly inexpensive.  Food manufacturers, and flavour developers, research to develop tastes and flavours that specifically give a big initial hit, but a hit that has neither a lingering tail off nor a too distinct or overriding single flavour that would tell the brain to stop eating.  This mean consumers are much more likely want to go back for more, and that they will go back sooner rather than later.  Flavour researchers work long and hard on determining what is known as the ‘bliss point’ for added flavours, sugar, salt and fat, the optimum point for satisfaction.  That is a point where

How pure is our water?

In particular, how many drugs are we taking into our body when we drink municipal water?

According to recent research environmental pollution by pharmaceuticals is increasingly recognized as a major threat to aquatic ecosystems worldwide. A variety of pharmaceuticals enter waterways by way of treated wastewater effluents and remain biochemically active in aquatic systems.

A recent study [1] looked at the altered behaviour of perch when exposed to oxazepan, a tranquilizing drug used to treat anxiety and insomnia and alcohol withdrawal, at levels often found in surface water. They noted significant changes in behaviours and feeding patterns.  If drugs in surface water are affecting animal and wildlife, they will be affecting humans too.

How does this happen?

Of those using drugs and prescribed medication it is estimated that often only 20% of the pharmaceutical is absorbed by the body, the rest is not broken down and passes into the water system as waste.  The waste water containing the pharmaceutical gets

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