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Hello and welcome

My aim is to help people know how to help themselves to the life they really want in the most effective, direct, simple and powerful way possible.

My own journey was triggered by a relationship breakup which rocked my world.  I felt lost, alone and totally without the know-how to get myself out of the mess I found myself in.  I had no-one to turn to and my self-esteem was at rock bottom.

Once I’d decided leaving the planet ahead of time wasn’t an option, I became driven to find out what life was really all about and the purpose for being here.  I wanted to find this out for myself because clearly I hadn’t been given these tools by my upbringing, education or society!  I’d been a good girl, done everything I was supposed to and had been told to do, and look where it had got me?

So – this was the cue to spending a huge amount of time, money and effort over several decades looking into the root causes of our problems and why we do what we do.  On the way there has been training in a wide range of therapies and personal development modalities including counselling and nutrition, work with world class teachers and extensive self-study and personal development to find the answers to what I was seeking.  I am particularly grateful to Mike Robinson and Jo Le Rose for their unwavering support and incredible wisdom, and I owe much to their guidance over the years.

I’ve had my own practice, run my own therapy centre, worked internationally, taught classes and groups and worked with clients one to one.

All this life experience, work and training has led me to distil what I’ve discovered and develop the Phoenix Programme, for those who also want to rise up from the pit of despair and reclaim their lives, but do it a lot quicker than I did!

Now, after this long and eventful journey I’ve been on, I couldn’t be happier and my life keeps expanding and growing with love and joy.

And this is what I want for you too and I would love to be able to share it with you.



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